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On October 25th-27th, WikidataCon will take place in Berlin.

As part of the planning, the organizers have set up a Wikibase instance (eat your own dog food!), which you are now visiting.

I (Pdehaye) figured I would try through this instance to expose the community of people I have talked to who are not necessarily participating in Wikidatacon, but who have an interest in the uses I make of Wikibase.

You can see the result here:

If you would like, you can add stuff about yourself of course. This will help the community self-realize its needs and opportunities. Unfortunately, the instance is not very well configured, so you can't start from the graph itself. Instead, you need to start in the search bar in the top right to find yourself, and add interests there. This actually requires that you create an item for this interest first, if it is not already present.

Virtually Connecting[edit]

Additionally, I am considering holding a VirtuallyConnecting session either Oct 26th or 27th. VirtuallyConnecting is a community promoting remote participation into conferences, for mutual enrichment of the experience to onsite and online participants. A possible theme would be around "Wikibase and community building".